Our show is on three times a week during weekdays at 1 p.m. You should log into our site for watching the show. We cover various topics on our episodes. Here are some of the things we have on our show.


In this segment of the show, people talk about their interracial dating experiences. They share their first dating experience, awkward moments, troubles, etc. The host of the show also helps people find a date and advise them on dating.


We invite happy interracial couples to our show and hear their journey. This segment gives a lot of tips on how to nurture an interracial relationship.


You will get many delicious recipes throughout the world. You will learn about food from different countries. We invite interracial couples on our show who come and show you’re their home recipes.

Audience participation

Audiences can call us or write to us and ask questions regarding problems they are facing on their interracial relationships. They also call to learn about many interracial culture and values so that they can better understand their partners.

We try to include something fresh in our every episode. We receive many positive reviews about our show. So, enjoy our show every week and let us know your feedback.