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The science of sex appeal – how to boost your appeal

The science of sex appeal is something that can be taught and followed. We all want to catch the attention of someone we like. Taught well, anyone can turn from unnoticeable to being super irresistible.  The thing is to send the right signals to this person you find attractive. Here are some of a few things to consider…

How to elevate your sex appeal

Take care of your appearance

Appearance is very important when looking for that sex appeal. People are attracted to things that look great. And self-esteem is also very important. For one to feel sexually attractive, they have to love their appearance. And the only way you can sell your sexuality to another person is to believe that you are sexy. So take care of your appearance. Love your own appearance and rock your body!

Improve your body language

couple flirtingThe way to nail the science of sex appeal is body language. Is your posture right? Are you oozing the right vibe? Create a positive perception of your personality. Try and look relaxed. Let your posture, eyes, how you talk make the statement: “Check me out”.

Avoid checking out your reflection

Yes. I know I said self-esteem is important. But much as self-confidence is desirable, vanity isn’t. Yes, you may be nailing it at your appearance. However, making it all about your looks isn’t sexy at all. If anything, it scares people away because it makes you shallow. Check yourself out to straighten that collar. Just don’t make it a thing, especially when you are having a conversation with someone you really like and want to get to know better.

The science of sex appeal tells us not to complain a  lot

Being a complainer is a very undesirable trait. It makes one seem as though they are unable to appreciate the finer things in life. Now whether you are a man or woman, complaining too much isn’t sexy. People who complain miss out on finer details when they are busy complaining. If you want to ooze sex appeal, stop complaining. Instead, give compliments instead.



Making sure you’re the best husband or best wife ever

How can you be the best husband or best wife ever? It might seem simple but believe me, you need to put some work into it. Yes, you might think that you have found your soulmate. But that doesn’t mean that now you just sit and magically, your relationship will work. You need to consciously want it to work. Here are a few tips on how to have that lasting relationship

How to be the best spouse ever!

Be respectful

Be kind and respectful to your spouse if you want to be the best wife ever. There is no need to say things you will regret later. Even if it’s between an argument, try hearing your words first before uttering them. If you want your marriage to last then you need to be kind to each other. Lck of respect = lack of love. Period!

Surprise him/her with new exciting activities

At times, all a couple needs to revamp their relationship is to just buy a little gift for one another. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts. Be creative. How about buying him or her something that reminds you of the first day you met. Better still, reenact that day and do exactly what you did together. At the same time, you can do fun stuff like indoor rock climbing, bowling or kayaking… The list is endless. You just need to open your mind.

Try sharing the load

They say housework is for the wifey. I wonder who came up with that one. The couples who stay together do stuff together. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning up or even garage stuff, just do it together. There are moments here and there that you will coincidentally come up that you will always laugh about. And they say laughter is the best medicine… for everything…

To be the best wife ever, try mixing it up

This goes to the bedroom. Try different things. Role-playing, BDSM, bedroom games… Just spice things up. Make it a point to try out sexual stuff that you normally won’t. Just have a safe word!

The only way to get over the worst boyfriend ever is to find yourself a new one

You have just gathered the courage to dump the worst boyfriend ever. You have done all you can to try and keep them out of your mind. They are no longer on your social media or contacts. In fact, you have done as much as block them completely.

Having read all those books and advice on getting over the ex, you have done it all. The crying, the drinking, hanging out with your friends, traveling, a new hobby. But then, once in a while, you find yourself going down memory lane wondering what you could have done differently. You even blame yourself for things not working out.

woman crying

So you go unblock your ex and start checking out his profile. Did he move on already!!! And before you know it, you have begun the grieving process again. So you go through the whole cycle again. So what should you do?

Tips on getting over the worst boyfriend ever

The best advice for moving on that you will never hear is: You need to get back into the dating scene. Some people discourage this calling it a rebound relationship. Let’s be realistic here. Every day that goes by that you are seated there moping and wondering whether the time is right for you to get on the dating game, you are preventing yourself from meeting a potential dream partner.

meeting potential mate

Some people may have approached you. And even before giving them a chance to go on a first date, you shrug them off with the excuse: “I am just getting over a bad break-up and am not ready to start dating”. Don’t look for excuses not to get yourself out there. Let go of the fear of getting your heart broken. He might have been the worst boyfriend ever, but not everyone is. Start dating again and get over him!




Why introducing naughty games into your relationship can be just the spur your relationship needs

Would you consider introducing naughty games in the bedroom to spice up your love life?

There are times in a relationship when things can become pretty bland. That doesn’t mean that all is lost. If you want to actively salvage things, there are very many things that a couple can do to spice up their relationship. And introducing some bedroom games into your sexual relationship is one way to go about it.

There are so many games you and your partner can play together which can add that well-deserved excitement and rush. How about trying some of these and see if you how you will blow each other’s minds!

3 naughty games ideas to consider

1. The betting game.

Betting games can be great in the bedroom. As a couple, you can decide to bet on anything. Come up with the terms of the bet and let the challenge began.

The idea here is to keep it as naughty as you possibly can. For instance, you can decide to bet who can make the other person come faster when going down on them. Go with the 69 position and get on with it. Who is going to win this one? Such a game will guarantee pleasure and the rush your sex life requires. Plus, are there really losers in such a game? You tell me.

2. Endurance games

Now, this is where you let your imagination roll with you. Bring in your fetishes like being spanked, blindfolded or being tied up. Try it out in order to establish ground rules. Much as its an endurance game, as a couple, you need to come up with safe words when things get a little too rough.

It doesn’t have to be all rough though. You can decide to see how many back to back orgasms one can endure before saying enough! Push each other to the limits.

Try out these naughty games ideas out and see for yourself. You might just earn the title of sex guru.



Interracial Couples in Movies

The Silver Screen has given us millions of love stories over the years. Since the dawn of the art of theatre, people portrayed relationships. The cinema has brought to life relationships through the magic of filmography and in the beginning, relationships were exclusively single colored. In the recent years, nevertheless, mainly in the 90s, moviegoers had the chance to become witnesses of interracial couples portrayed on the silver screen. As time goes by, interracial couples are becoming more and more common as people become more and more accepting of the concept of interracial dating. Fortunately, the silver screen is becoming more and more colorful.

The Bodyguard

When you hear the first words of “I will always love you”, performed by Whitney Houston the first thing you think about is the movie: “The Bodyguard”. This was one of the most famous romance movies of the 90s with interracial couples and an unforgettable soundtrack. Within this movie, an interracial couple is slowly falling in love with a whole lot of adventures.

Jungle Fever

An unlikely relationship forms between a black man and a white woman when a man gets into an affair with the woman. When the man then gets into a relationship with the woman things get blurry. The relationship seems to be condemned by the couple’s environment because of its interracial nature. Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra give some amazing performances and through this movie, they highlight the struggles of interracial couples within the society.


An adrenaline-packed movie with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The femme fatale portrayed by Margot Robbie enters the life of a veteran and changes things up. Through an action-packed adventure, the couple discovers more and more information about each other and love slowly enters their lives. The relationship goes through its ups and downs and they end up spending some time apart. But something brings them back together in the end. Maybe love itself wants them to be together?

Maid in Manhattan

Two people from different worlds come together for one night and discover one secret about each other. Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes give us a dreamy night of romance and they show us a story of two people that are falling in love, mistake or not. A maid and a politician end up falling in love after an identity mix-up, a rather unlikely love story unfolds in the movie “Maid in Manhattan” with a scenario that incorporates interracial couples in the plot.

Get Out

A thriller movie based around interracial couples. Romance is not very apparent in the span of this movie. A controversial plot explores taboo subjects that involve interracial dating and as time goes by, things just get weirder and weirder. With jaw-dropping twists, an interracial couple goes through it, and things don’t go as planned. “Get Out” is definitely not family friendly and not something everyone will like, so, watching with caution is advised.


How to find your interracial soulmate

Most people believe that finding your soulmate is a difficult task. This is probably because of the high numbers of divorces and singles. But if you think about it, we are looking at all this wrong.

They say the divorce rate is about 40%. But, why are we focusing on divorces? What about the 60% successful marriages? That 60% says that the chances of finding your soulmate are higher than we care to imagine, right?

Away from all that, let’s talk about finding an interracial partner… an interracial soulmate. Is it easy? I believe it is.

mixed couplesFirst off, there has been a significant rise in interracial relationships over the past two decades. And those documented are the marriages. And all this can be attributed to the rise in interracial dating websites. The beauty of such websites is that they assist people to locate a person who comes from a race they prefer.

So how does searching for an interracial soulmate on an interracial site differ from searching for love on, say, Tinder or Bumble?

Tinder is one popular site that focuses on people meeting for a date. So chances are, you will be focusing on meeting people near you for a date, a hookup… Mainly it’s all about living in the now.

Now, if you are searching for an interracial soulmate, it’s better to use an interracial dating service. This is because, there, you not only focus on meeting locals but you have the opportunity to meet anyone from any part of the world.

Below are some tips to help you maximize your search for finding that ideal interracial soulmate for you.

woman dating online

  1. Profile Picture.

We live in a vain world. So your picture is the first thing that will draw people to you. Don’t leave your profile faceless. People will ignore it. Take a great picture of yourself. If you can, avoid selfies. Ask a friend to take it for you instead. Make sure its fresh… not one from your drunken college days. Also, have more than one picture on your profile that shows you enjoying a hobby or the outdoors.

  1. State what you want on your profile.

If you prefer, say, black men, then check the box of “preferred ethnicity” as black. That way, you get matched with people whom you are attracted to. It makes your search less hectic. Do not forget to mention in details, the kind of person you are looking for character wise.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to age or location of a preferred mate.

Most people might check the age box as 18-25 for instance. Well, doing that locks out people who are slightly above 25 (26-30) who might actually be the perfect mate for you. Some also state that they are looking for someone locally, forgetting that the ideal mate could be someone who might be willing to relocate for the right person.

Be flexible on these two. It increases your odds of finding the right partner. Plus, if you are looking to date an Asian, many of them will be Asia, right?

That’s it for now. Best of luck finding your soulmate, interracial or otherwise.


How to reinvigorate your interracial relationship ?

It was fabulous…then, life happens. After that bombastic, honeymoon phase of your relationship. you might have noticed that for some time now,  it is stagnating. The sparks have flown off a bit and you need help to get yourselves out of the rut. Do not fret – when relationships seem to get a bit predictable and boring, there are ways to invigorate them.



Acknowledge the situation

You just have to recognize that you need to do something about this interracial relationship. The two of you must try to agree that the relationship is already far from what it was right at the start. Yes, there is no risk of falling apart at this point but you just need to bring at good old lovin’ moments with your partner. You had that wildfire moment in the relationship but that’s just how relationships are and will be. It is a cycle of ups and downs that you have to recognize. So, when it when it seems going downhill, pull your partner out of that slouchy relationship and get moving. Talk to the other one about the situation and try to get a commitment to do something about it.

Learn from the past

A way for you to get back to that early stages in the relationship is to try to remember the things that brought you at this stage. Try to plan for the date nights, travel to places that you like and those amazing times together that you have spent the way before. Go back to the place where you bonded the most. Recall the most enjoyable moments and what did you do to make that happen. You can learn lots of things from those moments in the past.

Do something different to yourself

Try some of the self-improvement strategies to enhance desirability to the partner. It won’t really hurt if your partner will take a hard and second look at you. Have a haircut and get that long overdue facial treatment. Re-energize yourself so you can re-energize the other. You can even do this together.  This is a good start to be doing that “pick – me us” activities that you plan together.

Sensing the other

It is important that you will be sensitive to the needs and wants of your partner. At this point in your life, career and family, try to determine what has changed. The other partner might have been engaged in some indulging activities and you were left out or maybe there is a tremendous load of stress experienced. Then,  focus on what your partner needs right now. In this manner, you can engage in meaningful conversations and best plan out how to put back that zing again.

A little flirting is not bad at all

Sending subtle but suggestive signals to your partners will surely spice up the relationship. This will tell your partner that you need that extra lovin’ more than the usual dose. In turn, your partner will be compelled to make it special this time. So, send those flirtatious smile, wink or nudge and we you will be surprised at what you might get in return.



Master the art of sexting in interracial relationship

Sexting in interracial relationship is no more a taboo, as it was considered a few years ago when people didn’t mingle interracially. In fact a few years back interracial dating and relationships were in themselves a taboo. However with time people especially in interracial relationships have found that sexting is one of the ingredients for a strong and mature relationship. No longer is it the kinky and dirty talk that teenagers or young adults with over the board hormones used to have. It is the norm and one of the essential activities of relationships worldwide. Still a few interracial couples shy away from it because of lack of information and knowledge of how sexting in interracial relationship can make a bond strong.

Start with a light sexting in interracial relationship

Sexting in an interracial relationship helps one to build confidence and increase the strength of the bonding. One of the partners can take the initiative. Doesn’t matter which one of the partners takes the initiative as long as the other partner is able to pick up the feelings and messages that are sent his or her way. Start with simple texts like “Lets finish what we started”. It can refer to an interrupted tryst or even ask for a round two. This will surely let your partner know how good the last meet up had been.

Go on to a bit bolder ones

Sexting in an interracial relationship is surely going to increase the temperature and bonding of the relationship. After those simple “You make me feel so good” messages move on to a few bolder ones. These messages have the ability of increasing the comfort and adrenalin rush in the relationship. Both the sender and receiver of the message – “I want you all to myself tonight” will have their hearts beating fast in anticipation of the reply and also in anticipation of the things that are going to happen afterwards.

Add a bit of kinkiness while sexting in interracial relationship

Adding a bit of kinkiness and naughtiness in your sexting while being in an interracial relationship will take the relationship to the next level. Believe me couples that are comfortable in texting “I’m getting wet just thinking about you.” These kinds of messages let the other person know how just the thought of them makes their partner hot and bothered. In case you need to stir a lot of feelings and make the relationship hot and spicy start texting your interracial partner. This is one healthy habit you are going to love all your life.


Building a stronger interracial relation with small gestures

Sex and intimacy are the basis of a strong interracial relationship however there are a few other gestures that can create a stronger interracial relation. Interracial relationships are based on trust and love and to reinforce the feeling of love and trust with your interracial dating partner and make a stronger interracial relation you as an individual need to make sure to keep your interracial partner in the best mood and spirit.

Gifting flowers makes a stronger interracial relation

Gifting flowers even when it is not your partner’s birthday helps you to reinforce the statement that you are heads over heels with your interracial partner. Your commitment is clearly indicated to your partner when you gift flowers out of the blue to your dating partner. Do not return the favor better wait for your turn and whenever you have the urge to tell your interracial partner that you are in fact happy to be in the relationship buy something that can bring a smile on the face of your partner.

A dinner after a tough day at work adds to the relation

Job stress takes a heavy toll on an individual. If you are able to reduce it even by a small margin you are contributing a lot to the relationship. Make sure to help him or her unwind after a stressful day at work by having dinner together over a few drinks. The drinks and dinner along with your company will prove to be a major stress buster for your partner and will provide a new lease of energy. The new energy will surely work in a beneficial manner for the work life and also in creating a stronger interracial relation between the two of you.

Skip a social do to be with her for a small occasion

You have a plan to go with your pals this weekend and she needs to go out to her small nephew’s dance recital for which she needs company. IT will mean a lot to her if you can accompany her to the dance recital. Your pals are going to understand you and will make another plan the next weekend. Although your presence at the dance recital may go unnoticed for the nephew but believe me she will remember it for the whole of her life. She will surely be indebted to the time you took out for her and accompanied you on a less significant event. Small gestures surely add up to bigger results and help one create strong relations over a period of time.

Signs indicating your interracial date is over

After the initial hunky dory in an interracial date comes a time when you feel left out from the plans of your interracial date. This is the time to either talk to your interracial date about your feelings or even snap the relationship forever. Interracial dating is a fad these days however carrying on for a long term with interracial dating is not everybody’s cup of tea. While prospecting online and selecting a date online the true characteristics of a person may not come before you which lead to discontentment and a feeling of cheated later in the relationship. Before the onset of this feeling take control of the relationship and your life.

He does not have time for an interracial date

You planned a nice time out with him over the weekend or took a day off from work just to be with him knowing well that he is not working that day. However he makes an excuse by saying he is not well or has got some work with someone and late in the day you notice his Instagram account with him holding a beer with his pals from work. This is clear indicator that the interracial date has ended for you.

Social acceptance of the interracial date from him is nil

He does not acknowledge you as his girl friend before his friends and family and brushes you under the carpet. You are introduced just as another friend even after six months of dating. He makes it a point not to involve you in any social do’s that involve the side of his family or friends. This is a big red flag for any interracial date. You go to get out fast out of such a relationship before it takes a toll on your emotional and mental well being.

You are the only one to put in effort for the interracial date

It is you who makes an effort to meet. It is you who does all the planning. It is you who calls him up to talk to him. It is you who pays all the bills whenever you meet. It is you who is putting all the effort to make the interracial date work. In case you realize it after a gap of three or four months end the relationship proactively since it is no use continuing in a relationship where you alone are responsible to make the relationship work. Relationships are two way and if one of the partner is lacking in effort it is no point in continuing it.