About Us

Interracial Dating TV is an online TV show on interracial dating. This show was first shown on 2013. It is a show on interracial dating, and in every episode of the show, you will find something new. It is a show in which the host talks about real people on an interracial relationship and the real problems they face in life. You will get to see fresh, funny and insightful approach to these problems.

The show inspires interracial dating and helps those people deal with many problems they face in their interracial relationship. The show covers topics such as dating, marriage, workplace issues, friendship, parenting, finance, etc. Over the years the number of viewers of this show has increased. During the show, we receive calls from the audience or read out their online messages to help them. The show is very entertaining, and it has a noble cause. It aims to unite interracial people and help them make their relationships stronger. So, view our show to learn more about interracial relationships.