The science of sex appeal – how to boost your appeal

The science of sex appeal is something that can be taught and followed. We all want to catch the attention of someone we like. Taught well, anyone can turn from unnoticeable to being super irresistible.  The thing is to send the right signals to this person you find attractive. Here are some of a few things to consider…

How to elevate your sex appeal

Take care of your appearance

Appearance is very important when looking for that sex appeal. People are attracted to things that look great. And self-esteem is also very important. For one to feel sexually attractive, they have to love their appearance. And the only way you can sell your sexuality to another person is to believe that you are sexy. So take care of your appearance. Love your own appearance and rock your body!

Improve your body language

couple flirtingThe way to nail the science of sex appeal is body language. Is your posture right? Are you oozing the right vibe? Create a positive perception of your personality. Try and look relaxed. Let your posture, eyes, how you talk make the statement: “Check me out”.

Avoid checking out your reflection

Yes. I know I said self-esteem is important. But much as self-confidence is desirable, vanity isn’t. Yes, you may be nailing it at your appearance. However, making it all about your looks isn’t sexy at all. If anything, it scares people away because it makes you shallow. Check yourself out to straighten that collar. Just don’t make it a thing, especially when you are having a conversation with someone you really like and want to get to know better.

The science of sex appeal tells us not to complain a  lot

Being a complainer is a very undesirable trait. It makes one seem as though they are unable to appreciate the finer things in life. Now whether you are a man or woman, complaining too much isn’t sexy. People who complain miss out on finer details when they are busy complaining. If you want to ooze sex appeal, stop complaining. Instead, give compliments instead.