The only way to get over the worst boyfriend ever is to find yourself a new one

You have just gathered the courage to dump the worst boyfriend ever. You have done all you can to try and keep them out of your mind. They are no longer on your social media or contacts. In fact, you have done as much as block them completely.

Having read all those books and advice on getting over the ex, you have done it all. The crying, the drinking, hanging out with your friends, traveling, a new hobby. But then, once in a while, you find yourself going down memory lane wondering what you could have done differently. You even blame yourself for things not working out.

woman crying

So you go unblock your ex and start checking out his profile. Did he move on already!!! And before you know it, you have begun the grieving process again. So you go through the whole cycle again. So what should you do?

Tips on getting over the worst boyfriend ever

The best advice for moving on that you will never hear is: You need to get back into the dating scene. Some people discourage this calling it a rebound relationship. Let’s be realistic here. Every day that goes by that you are seated there moping and wondering whether the time is right for you to get on the dating game, you are preventing yourself from meeting a potential dream partner.

meeting potential mate

Some people may have approached you. And even before giving them a chance to go on a first date, you shrug them off with the excuse: “I am just getting over a bad break-up and am not ready to start dating”. Don’t look for excuses not to get yourself out there. Let go of the fear of getting your heart broken. He might have been the worst boyfriend ever, but not everyone is. Start dating again and get over him!