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Why introducing naughty games into your relationship can be just the spur your relationship needs

Would you consider introducing naughty games in the bedroom to spice up your love life?

There are times in a relationship when things can become pretty bland. That doesn’t mean that all is lost. If you want to actively salvage things, there are very many things that a couple can do to spice up their relationship. And introducing some bedroom games into your sexual relationship is one way to go about it.

There are so many games you and your partner can play together which can add that well-deserved excitement and rush. How about trying some of these and see if you how you will blow each other’s minds!

3 naughty games ideas to consider

1. The betting game.

Betting games can be great in the bedroom. As a couple, you can decide to bet on anything. Come up with the terms of the bet and let the challenge began.

The idea here is to keep it as naughty as you possibly can. For instance, you can decide to bet who can make the other person come faster when going down on them. Go with the 69 position and get on with it. Who is going to win this one? Such a game will guarantee pleasure and the rush your sex life requires. Plus, are there really losers in such a game? You tell me.

2. Endurance games

Now, this is where you let your imagination roll with you. Bring in your fetishes like being spanked, blindfolded or being tied up. Try it out in order to establish ground rules. Much as its an endurance game, as a couple, you need to come up with safe words when things get a little too rough.

It doesn’t have to be all rough though. You can decide to see how many back to back orgasms one can endure before saying enough! Push each other to the limits.

Try out these naughty games ideas out and see for yourself. You might just earn the title of sex guru.