Interracial Couples in Movies

The Silver Screen has given us millions of love stories over the years. Since the dawn of the art of theatre, people portrayed relationships. The cinema has brought to life relationships through the magic of filmography and in the beginning, relationships were exclusively single colored. In the recent years, nevertheless, mainly in the 90s, moviegoers had the chance to become witnesses of interracial couples portrayed on the silver screen. As time goes by, interracial couples are becoming more and more common as people become more and more accepting of the concept of interracial dating. Fortunately, the silver screen is becoming more and more colorful.

The Bodyguard

When you hear the first words of “I will always love you”, performed by Whitney Houston the first thing you think about is the movie: “The Bodyguard”. This was one of the most famous romance movies of the 90s with interracial couples and an unforgettable soundtrack. Within this movie, an interracial couple is slowly falling in love with a whole lot of adventures.

Jungle Fever

An unlikely relationship forms between a black man and a white woman when a man gets into an affair with the woman. When the man then gets into a relationship with the woman things get blurry. The relationship seems to be condemned by the couple’s environment because of its interracial nature. Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra give some amazing performances and through this movie, they highlight the struggles of interracial couples within the society.


An adrenaline-packed movie with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The femme fatale portrayed by Margot Robbie enters the life of a veteran and changes things up. Through an action-packed adventure, the couple discovers more and more information about each other and love slowly enters their lives. The relationship goes through its ups and downs and they end up spending some time apart. But something brings them back together in the end. Maybe love itself wants them to be together?

Maid in Manhattan

Two people from different worlds come together for one night and discover one secret about each other. Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes give us a dreamy night of romance and they show us a story of two people that are falling in love, mistake or not. A maid and a politician end up falling in love after an identity mix-up, a rather unlikely love story unfolds in the movie “Maid in Manhattan” with a scenario that incorporates interracial couples in the plot.

Get Out

A thriller movie based around interracial couples. Romance is not very apparent in the span of this movie. A controversial plot explores taboo subjects that involve interracial dating and as time goes by, things just get weirder and weirder. With jaw-dropping twists, an interracial couple goes through it, and things don’t go as planned. “Get Out” is definitely not family friendly and not something everyone will like, so, watching with caution is advised.