Saying I Love you in an interracial relationship

Being in an interracial relationship or for that matter in any relationship is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. You need to experience it to have the feel of it. People who get involved in an interracial relationship do sometimes face tricky situations. These situations if not handled wisely may lead to a bad or even a broken relationship. Interracial couples keep looking for the right time to say “the three magical words” – I love you; to give a meaning and direction to their relationship. The three magical words surely open up new vistas in the relationship of an interracial couple. However the right time to say these magical words is not right on the first or second date.
interracial relationship

Dating for three to six months in an interracial relationship is fine to say I Love You

If you have been together with each other for every living minute then it is fine to say the magical words even before three months. However if you are seeing each other once or twice a week it is a safe bet to give three to six months to the relationship. In these months it is easy for you to assess whether it is love or mere attraction. You are sure of the bonding and the feelings for one another in that time period.

After having sex it is good to say I Love You

Once you have had sex and then you or your partner confess the I Love You thing to each other consider it as a positive sign for the interracial relationship. If the words come before having anything intimate then it could just be a ploy to get you on bed.

Committing to the future in an interracial relationship is a good sign

Once you have your interracial relationship sorted and have plans for the future together then it is the right time to say those magical words. This is the right time to say I Love you to your interracial partner. When you plan for the future and have your dating partner on the future plans then it is genuinely love.

Saying the magical words after an intense experience is justified

In case you got a new job or lost a relative or friend and are emotionally charged up then sometimes you tend to say it to your interracial partner that you love him or her. Saying I Love You in such situations makes the bonding stronger and the words coming out of your mouth hold meaning. This just shows you value the person and are ready to spend the rest of your life beside that interracial dating partner.