How Interracial Dating Has Increased Over the Last 20 Years

One of the most notable trends in the world of dating is that more people are going outside their racial classes in order to find people who are really of interest to them. Interracial dating has become very prominent in recent years and may continue to grow.

interracial dating

It’s been estimated that the number of interracial countries has expanded in number according to Pew Research Center reports. It’s estimated that there are close to ten million couples in the country that contain people of different ancestral backgrounds. These include people who are married or those who are in relationships.

In fact, the cross cultural dating scene has expanded to include many sites that specifically cater to those who are interested in this. Places like internet dating sites have started up over the years to cater to people who want to date each other regardless of their backgrounds.

More people who are dating each other this way are also getting married. The Census state that there were close to 100,000 married couples that entailed one white person and one black person in 1990. The number has risen to a little more than 400,000 couples as of 2005 and will more than likely continue to increase if this trend is steady. The Pew Research Center says that this will increase to 4.8 million couples when Asian and Hispanic people are added to the mix.

The biggest point about such cross cultural dating is that it is no longer a taboo topic. It was a disputed concept in the past with a large number of people, particularly whites in the South, wanting to ban the practice. Today there are no more laws that outlaw interracial dating, thus making this activity a little easier for all people to get into.

In fact, interracial dating sites estimated that conservative-leaning states have been accepting of such dating. Texas, Georgia and North Carolina are among the site’s most popular states, joining liberal places like California and New York among places where this activity is welcome in.

Naturally, it is understandable as to why interracial dating is growing in popularity. This is an activity that is becoming noteworthy as people begin to have more interest in those who are of different cultures. Also, they find that by expanding their pool of dating candidates, it is often easier for certain people to find others of use than if they were restricted to just dating people within certain racial boundaries. The liberating feeling that comes with getting out of one’s racial limits when dating is often a reward in its own right.

It’s clear that interracial dating is a very popular activity that is worth taking a closer look at. People are interested in interracial dating because they are often happy with it or they just feel more comfortable in dating without restricting one’s pool of people to choose from. Either way, it is something that has grown in popularity over the years thanks to the ways how people are so interested in getting along with other people in different races.

Asian Women dating a few pointers for white men

Asian women and white men make a great pair. White men have a secret admiration for Asian women which is clearly evident from the favouritism white men show for Asian women on interracial dating website and dating apps. Dating Asian women is however not that easy as is being portrayed in the movies. As a white man you need to be a bit careful while dating an Asian woman.

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While dating an Asian woman do not assume things

While dating an Asian woman do not assume or make up things about her likings of disliking. It is always to ask her about her interest and things she likes. Do not assume that she knows another language probably an Asian language just because she is Asian. Noodles may not be her favorite food and she may not even know how to use chopsticks. Chances are that you have assumed she knows karate and she may surprise you with her interest in music. Assumptions in relationships always lead to heart burn and there is an even chance of the relationship breaking if one of the partners starts assuming things for the other.

Your Asian date may not know anything about the eastern world

Thinking that you are going to be exposed to the history, geography and the culture of the eastern world once you start dating an Asian woman is a big mistake from your side. It is possible that your Asian date was born in the USA and has been there since her birth. She is Asian just because of her parents are Asian and she may not even speak or know of an Asian language. Chances are that you out of curiosity may ask her something about the Eastern world which may offend her. Steer clear about taking anything about the eastern world or about the race she belongs to. If she is comfortable in discussing her ethnicity or her culture in detail flow with it just don’t make her feel embarrassed.

All Asian women are not homely or submissive

Not all Asian women are family centered, homely and submissive. WE white men sometimes base the personalities of people we date according to the personalities presented to us via movies. Do not expect her to cook, wash and do all the home stuff for you while you lie on the couch browsing through the Netflix list you have lined up for the weekend. A majority of the Asian women today are highly ambitious and successful in careers of their choice. You need to make them comfortable while they slog out for long hours in their workplace by lending a hand at home. She is aware of herself and will not be the submissive kinds in an interracial dating relationship.

Dating an Asian woman means seriousness in the relationship

Majority of the Asian women who enter a relationship are serious towards their relationships. Although a few maybe looking for fun or even a one night stand still the majority of them look forward to a long term fruitful relationship probably a marriage. Setting expectations from the word go which way the relationship will be heading for is the best thing you can do while dating an Asian woman. Dating Asian women has its own charm and you as a white man are going to enjoy the company of your Asian date provided you are serious about the dating and keep her self respect and confidence high all through the relationship.